Decentraland: A Decentralized, Open-Source Virtual Reality Platform

Decentraland is a virtual world built on blockchain technology where anyone can create, experience, and monetize content. It’s created by the Decentraland team, who are trying to make VR more immersive, interactive, and user-driven.

Decentraland: A decentralized, open-source virtual reality platform

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform owned by its users. It runs on the same laws as Bitcoin and other blockchain applications – no one person can control the community, and everyone has the power to make decisions for Decentraland. Users can buy land or content with MANA, which is their cryptocurrency for the world. Once you buy your land, it’s yours forever and there’s nothing anyone can do to take it away from you.

What is the Decentraland economy?

The Decentraland economy is fueled by the non-fungible MANA token. This token is used to buy and sell virtual real estate, which you can use for both commercial and personal purposes. You can use your tokens to purchase land or LAND parcels, which are the building blocks that create this virtual world. There are four types of LAND: river, mountain, flat, and valley.

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How does one buy LAND in Decentraland?

LAND is the digital property that enables buyers to claim an area of virtual space in Decentraland for their own use. There are two ways to purchase LAND: either by purchasing tokens with cryptocurrency, or by exchanging Ether tokens for LAND tokens. Purchasing LAND with cryptocurrency will have the added benefit of being able to take advantage of an automatic conversion to fiat currency.

What software needs to be used to view Decentraland content?

There are two ways to view content on Decentraland. The first is viewing the content in a traditional format called Flatland. This is like browsing a website and you will need to download some software before you can do it. The second way is by using WebVR which we recommend for most users.


The Decentraland team is committed to providing the tools for content creators to create and share their VR experiences. They are building a platform with tools like Unity to help developers get started creating VR content without having to learn the intricacies of VR development, buy expensive hardware, or reinvent the wheel.

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