How To Check Who Unfollowed You On Instagram Without An App 2021

There are many ways to check Who Unfollowed You On Instagram which includes manually or by third-party app. Using a third-party app for any actions on Instagram means you are using a bot or automation tool and as Instagram’s algorithm is smart enough detect these activities, your account will most likely be banned.

How To Check Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

I would not recommend using any third-party app to check who unfollowed you on Instagram as it increases the risk of your account getting banned. In this article I’ll be sharing easy method to check who all unfollowed you on Instagram whether it’s your old friend or someone who likes to play Follow for Follow and then Unfollow.

This method will take only about only 5 minutes but is the safest and secured way to check. You don’t even need to share your personal login information to any website or app as it will be done through Instagram only.

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Here’s How To Check Unfollowers on Instagram Manually

#1) First of all, open your Instagram App and move towards Settings > Security .

#2) In Data and History Menu, Tap on Download Data and insert your working email and click on Request Download . After this wait for 1-2 Days for mail, I got mail in 5-6 hours.

Check Unfollower On Instagram

#3) Finally After receiving mail, you will be able to Download Information ( your data ) click on Download and a Zip file will be downloaded . Extract It as a folder.

Instagram Unfollowers Data

#4) Unzip the folder and open it . You will see all of your Instagram Data. Now just open your folder and click On Followers&Followings.

#5) Open Both Followers and Followings. It will get opened in chrome tabs. Now you will see list of both followers and following . Here’s how this method will actually work and help you to check unfollowers on Instagram.

#6) Go To and Ctrl+A+C ( Copy All ) Followers Page and paste into List A. Then Ctrl+A+C ( Copy All ) Following Page into List B. After doing, click on Compare Lists and Choose Sort A>Z must.

#7) Congratulations, In List B Go to the bottom and check all your unfollowers !

#8) Go To Instagram and search manually and unfollow this users ( in limit ) 20 per hour and 60 per day though 100 is the highest depending on your account quality.

This method is the best to Check Who Unfollowed You On Instagram Without Any App and is safest without worrying about your Instagram account. You are downloading your Data through Instagram only and unfollowing manually on Instagram . Beware of third-party apps as Instagram will detect it easily.

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