How To Make Money With AirBnb In India 2022 ( ₹50000 Per Month )

In this article, you will learn How you can make some passsive income on AirBnb without owing or renting an apartment. You can also make money by sharing a single room from your house or a space you don’t use. You can also earn money by managing properties for Airbnb hosts, offering your services ranging from listing the rental to cleaning it and ensuring that the check-in and check-out process goes on smoothly. 

Even if you don’t own a home, you can still get in this game. In this guide, I will be sharing how to make money on Airbnb without owning property? You don’t need to own or even be renting a property to make money on Airbnb. For example, managing someone else’s property, co-host, become a cleaner, run an Airbnb experience or even become an affiliate.

I know many people in my locality who are earning 6-digit salaries on Airbnb, despite not owning any property! I know this, because I have met them myself and picked their brains.

How To Make Money With AirBnb In India 2022 ( ₹50000 Per Month )

Managing Properites

Property management could be a good option for you, especially if you are left with some good amount of time in a day. This way, you get involved in Airbnb without the risk of investing in your own home.

It’s a great way to make money on Airbnb without actually owning any property. There are many people who want to list or rent out their properties for short term, but simply don’t have the time or don’t even know about it or the resources to look after their property. This is where you would come in.

So how does this work? The owner of the Airbnb will hire you to manage all aspects of the property. You will reply to guest messages, check guests in, top up amenities and turn the property over after each booking.

Typically as a managing partner, you will receive between 10% – 20% of the booking amount for your efforts. So if a one-night booking is ₹1500, you will get ₹300. If a one-week booking is ₹11000, you will pocket ₹2200 and so on.

A tidy profit, but for you to live off this as your main income you would need 5 or 6 properties under your belt. This could bring in anywhere from ₹8000 to ₹10000 per week, not too shabby.

I think most people could live quite comfortably on a payment like this.

Renting Out A Furnished House Or Room

A furnished rental could be your pot of gold. This option may appeal to you if you want to go the whole nine yards and run your own Airbnb, but lack the funds to do so.

A lot of times a furnished rental will come with everything you could possibly need to set up an Airbnb. Extra linens, towels, geysers, RO, a fully stocked kitchen and even a washing machine. 

Your start-up costs will be quite minimal with only the basics like shampoo, coffee and tea to provide out of your own pocket.

The only hurdle you will face will be getting the landlord to agree sublet their property as an Airbnb. You will also have to check with your local laws and regulations as some cities are cracking down on sub-lets.

But if you do your homework, there is definitely scope here to make money on Airbnb without the expensive start-up costs.

It’s definitely an interesting way to make money on Airbnb that many people are currently doing.

Approaching Home Owners Looking To Rent

This is a great trick similar to that of renting a furnished house as an Airbnb except this one doesn’t require you to take out a lease.

What you do here is approach a home owner who is looking to rent out their property. You would start a conversation with them about how they could be making two to three times more income renting their property out as an Airbnb.

This I’m sure will raise the eyebrows of the home owner and they will want to know more. This is where your offer to run their place as an Airbnb would come in. 

You wouldn’t be renting, you wouldn’t have to pay any bills or outgoings, you would simply run their property as an Airbnb for them and take a cut on their payment.

In other words, all the rewards without the risk. The hard part is finding the right landlord. Calling or approaching the home owner is the next step. You could discuss an arrangement on the premise of making them a lot more money than a traditional long-term rental. 

You will make money this way, but it requires a more hands on approach. You’ll need to wrangle the right property.

AirBnb Experiences

Airbnb experiences are a creative way to make money on Airbnb that doesn’t require a huge amount of time or cash to set up.

Some example of an experience could be

  • a walking tour of your city
  • a pub crawl at night to all the best hotspots around town
  • an art class with a cheese tasting plate and champagne
  • a guided hike to a hidden valley
  • a cooking class in your own kitchen

Your guests or sometimes foreigners want to experience your city like a local. They want to see things that they would never have known was there, so you need to wow them. The list is endless and is only bound by your imagination, so put yourself in their shoes and think like a tourist.

AirBnb Referral Or Affilate Program

An affiliate is a person who advertises a product or service owned by someone else. Take TripAdvisor for example. Their website advertises hotels from all around the world and gets a commission from every room that gets booked.

Therefore, to be an Airbnb affiliate you would advertise users listing to potential guests and if they get booked, you get a cut.

Becoming an affiliate for Airbnb is not for everyone though. In fact, you need to have a website with over 1 million hits per month for them to even consider you as an affiliate. 

A little more user friendly than than trying to become an affiliate, the referral program is open to any Airbnb user.

A unique referral link is available for you upon signing up to Airbnb. You can share this code with your friends and family and earn rewards for both yourself, and them.

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Making some decent amount of money on Airbnb is actually really easy and great. You don’t even need to own a property for it. I hope these ways will help you a lot earning some money on Airbnb. Are you ready to be an Airbnb superhost ?

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