Play Android Games Without Internet: Best Offline Games

We are all busy playing online multiplayer games like PUBG, Freefire, Clash of Clans, and Call of Duty on our mobile devices, but sometimes we are unable to access the internet on our mobile phones due to a variety of reasons. In the absence of internet, all online games are worthless.

So in that situation, offline games provide you some comfort in the absence of the internet. There are tons of offline games available online, but it is hard to find a good mobile game that you can play while offline. I have listed a few games I personally love playing while offline to make the process easier for you.


In the present time, Limbo is one of the best offline games. It has adventure, strange people, interesting puzzles, and dangerous monsters. Limbo is an excellent example of visuals, sound, and a mysterious little something we call gameplay. Black and white 2D puzzle platformer games available for Android and PC.

It is an awesome game with an adventure that takes you to a completely different world if you want to play a game with unknown locations and challenges.

Alto’s Odyssey: v

You don’t need an Internet or Wi-Fi connection to play Alto’s Odyssey, which is also a good endless runner game. It’s pretty simple, the player moves forward on his own. Jumping and flipping in mid-air are the only things you need to do in the game. It features new features like wall-riding mechanics, water mechanics, tornadoes, falling platforms, balloon bouncing, and much more, based on a desert theme.

Alto’s Odyssey has some colorful graphics and smooth gameplay. It is free to download, but the free version comes with advertising, which you can remove or unlock by paying money. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

Friday the 13th:

As a horror puzzle game based on a famous movie, Friday the 13th follows the story of Jason Voorhees. Since the game is too bloody, we cannot recommend it to children. However, if you’re looking for a challenging and bloody experience gameplay, Friday the 13th is the game for you. However, they also provide R-rated content for a less bloody experience.

There are 12 chapters and each chapter has 13 levels covering different situations and terrains. The levels are small and easy at first but after completing some levels the game adds more difficulty, new mechanics, and more challenging puzzles that make your brain hurt.

The levels have Fire, holes, traps, water armed guard, land mines, and more to end your terror, you have to keep your cool and work through all of the obstacles to end the guard’s and your victims’ lives. In this action-arcade-style game with some horror and gore, you don’t need an internet connection to play it.

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Solitaire Bliss:

Solitaire Bliss is a free challenge version of Solitaire, one of the classic card games. Play Klondike (Solitaire with one card and three cards), Spider Solitaire, and Freecell. It contains 36 games, all of which are solvable-only. The game is a great way to stimulate your brain and improve your cognitive health if your family loves friendly competition. Solitaire Bliss is a great game for all ages.


You can play Minecraft online or offline. It has no storyline, but it is one of the most popular games in the world. The game is built on blocks, and you can build whatever world you want. Almost every possibility that you can do in the real world is provided in the game, including building houses, farming, mining, killing animals, and so on. There are two modes of play: creative mode and survival mode.

You can play Minecraft on any smartphone because it’s not a heavy game and doesn’t require good hardware. However, the game costs around Rs 650 with in-app purchases like skins and clothes for players. Minecraft is the best choice for survival and adventure games.

Minecraft is not a heavy game and it does not require good hardware to run you can run Minecraft on any mobile. but the game costs around Rs 650 with in-app purchases like players’ skins, clothes, and much more. If you like survival and adventure games then Minecraft is the best choice game for you.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons:

For android mobile phones, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is among the best-rated offline games. The game follows the story of two unnamed siblings known as big brother and little brother. In order to find a cure for their father’s mysterious illness, they only had each other to help them.

The game and amazing graphics, a story beyond imagination, puzzles, and dangerous creatures. The game is specifically designed for two players, and you must control both at the same time with a thumbstick, so if you have a brother or sister, be sure to give it a try. It costs Rs. 199 on the Play Store.

Candy Crush:

The most popular game of all time is Candy Crush. You have five lives at a time, and if you fail to complete the level, you lose one. The life looks like 30 minutes to recharge. In addition to powerups, Sandy crush allows you to beat the level more quickly.

The game Candy Crush is widely played online and you can play it both online and offline. Make sure not to overplay the game. Some players claim that Candy Crush made them addicted to the gameplay. The game has an unlimited number of levels that took a long time to complete. It is free to download Candy Crush from the Play store, but it aggressively pushes the user for in-app purchases to beat the levels. Candy Crush adds new levels every update.

Ludo King:

With or without friends, Ludo King is a classic game you can enjoy online or offline. Ludo can be played by a maximum of 4 players. Every player gets a color slot in the game. You need to roll a dice to get the number so you can get one pinout. There are eight safe spots in the game where no one can cut your pin. The person who crosses all of his pins wins the game.

Ludo King is a digital version of the classic board game played between family members. The game is compatible with every major platform including desktops, Android devices, iOS devices, and Windows mobile devices. With Ludo King, you can play with friends locally (pass and play mode).

Hill Climb Racing:

One of the best offline games on the internet is Hill Climb Racing. You need to drive the car in hills without toppling or breaking your neck while collecting fuel along the way. It is an endless car driving game that is easy to play. The Hill Road becomes increasingly difficult with time.

There are different cars and levels to play with in this game with a variety of environments. The game requires you to collect coins on your way to upgrade your vehicles. Hill Climb Racing is free to download from the Playstore with in-app purchases. Hill Climb Racing 2 is the sequel to the original game.


The following are some of the best offline games for Android smartphones. Some of them are paid, but you can play a demo version before buying the full version. You can also download them from APKpure for free, but you must be careful when installing them from there. If you face any problems while downloading any games, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions to add, we will definitely take them into consideration. Thank you for reading. Please forward this post to your game buddies. They will find it helpful.

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