What Does No Service Validity Means?

In this article, I will tell you about No Service Validity which comes when you want to recharge your mobile from My Airtel App, VI App or My Jio App like any such App or Online Payment App, that you will have to recharge from Paytm or PhonePe App. Many people must have heard the name of No Validity Service but what is No Service Validity? Very few people go about it. That’s why we thought everyone should know about it.

While recharging, you must have seen a No Service Validity written in front of your plan, so today we are going to know about this No Service Validity Means in Vodafone and Airtel. If you want information about this, then read this article till the end and you will know about Airtel No Service Validity Means, Vodafone No Service Validity Means, Jio No Service Validity Means.

What Does No Service Validity Means?

When we recharge our Sim Card, then at that time different types of Recharge Packs are available on our mobile number, then in some of the plans we get this No Service Validity written. But why is it written? So sometimes you have got the Extra Data Pack or Data Booster Pack recharged, then it does not work or there is some balance in our mobile, but still, if we have to make any important call to anyone, then it does not connects.

If we call customer care support about this problem and tell them about this, then they tell us that you have just got recharged, that is a No Service Validity Recharge and this is the reason why you are not able to call anyone or not able to use the Internet. So overall, if you are not getting any information about this No Service Validity from anywhere, then we would like to tell you about it in very simple language.

If you get recharge done in your Sim Card every month, then you should be aware of all such things, if you already knew about No Service Validity Meaning, then it is a very good thing, but also it has different terms which you need to know.

  • NA 
  • No Service Validity
  • Service Validity
  • Existing Validity

If you do not want to get any wrong recharge done in your Sim Card, then for that you must first know about all these things very well.

NA Means Validity In Vodafone Or Airtel

The full form or full name of NA is Not Applicable Validity when you get to see it written on those recharge plans of Airtel or Vodafone which are talk time plans. There is no validity in such plans, they are Lifetime Plans. These are the recharges that you get if you recharge ₹ 10, ₹ 20 or ₹ 50 or more, in which you are not given any type of call for minutes or data pack for internet usage. They are all called Recharge Talk time Plans.

And in these we are given the main Balance such that if you recharge ₹ 50 in your Sim Card, then ₹ 47 gets added to the Main Balance of your Sim Card.

But I would advise you that if you have to call that mobile number, then you should never get this Lifetime Validity Plan recharge done because now you have to do a separate recharge to keep your mobile number running. If both of them get recharge done then you will find it expensive and NA validity in pack info while recharging means that you do not get any validity with this plan.

What Does No Service Validity Means?

So let us now also know that what is No Service Validity Means, so it would mean that if you are using Airtel, Vodafone or Jio any of these Sim Card and you got any recharge done in which you only want to use the Internet only. But No Service Validity was written on that plan, then your internet plan will remain valid only as long as you have got such a recharge done so that your Sim Card remains in service.

Let’s assume that today all the services of your Sim Card are going to be stopped and you have to recharge some such Internet pack in which you are given internet data for 14 days, then on the same day your Sim Card service will be stopped. The pack with internet will stop working, till then you do not do any recharge in it so that your sim comes in service.

So I hope that you must have understood about No Service Validity, if you are facing any problem now, then you can ask us your question through comment.

Service Validity Meaning

You can use any of these SIM cards, Airtel, Vodafone or Jio, in all these it becomes mandatory for you to recharge with a Service Validity, if you do not get this recharge done, then all the plans present on your Sim Card It is stopped and if you had a question that which plan you should take to keep your Sim Card running, then its answer is also written the same.

Service Validity means that all those who have enabled Calling on your mobile or Internet and Message facility are all called Recharge Service Validity Recharge. Which recharge should be done for mobile number to keep working? So for this, if you use VI-Vodafone Idea or Airtel’s Sim Card, then you have to get a minimum recharge of Rs 79. If you want to get any No Service Validity Recharge done, then you should get this recharge done for Rs.79 .

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VI – How to see the best plan in Vodafone Idea?

When the validity of your old recharge is about to end, then you will have to ask about the best recharge in your mobile on the Internet or by talking to the customer care people about your best plan. So now there is no need to worry so much again and again, for that you just have to start the browser of your mobile and with the help of that you can find the best plan, so let’s know how to see Best Plan For Vodafone.

  • First of all, start your mobile browser.
  • Then paste this link https://www.myvi.in/prepaid/mobile-recharge-offers or directly click on this link.
  • After that, when this page opens, then write your mobile number in it, after that according to your mobile number, your search will tell you the best plan with Vodafone.
  • Then you see the best plan for your mobile number, you can use Paytm or Phone Pe to recharge it.

So after this, now you will not need to ask anyone about Best Plan For Vodafone when you feel like you can check this thing very easily by yourself.

How to check Airtel Best Offer?

Before the arrival of Jio, Airtel was considered to be the best network, but since jio it has reduced the market of all networks with Airtel, it is not like that Airtel is now a bad network, there are still many such villages where there is a lot of Airtel. Only good networks are available. So let’s know now that if you want to check Airtel Best Offer, then what are the things we have to do for that, then first of all you can see Best Plan for Airtel by dialing 1212# on your mobile number.

Or you have another way for this, you can also see the best plan for your mobile by using it.

  • So for this, first of all you have to start this link https://www.91mobiles.com/recharge-plans in your mobile.
  • After that you have to choose your region, then select which SIM card you want to see Best Plan for, as here we want to see Airtel Best Plan right now, then we can select Airtel for that.
  • Then after this, what kind of tax plan do you want, you select it.
  • Then whatever will be the best plan for your mobile, it will be shown to you here.

So in this way you can see the best plan for your mobile!

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So I hope that this article gave you information about No Service Validity Meaning.

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