What is So Special about Sony Bravia TV?

The way people entertain themselves has changed over the years. Previously, the most popular forms of entertainment were radio, television, and home music system. But now they have the latest models of mobiles, laptops, and other hand held devices. 

The normal mobile phone has become much smarter, and has single handedly replaced most of the gadgets. However, despite this huge progress made in the field of technology, the charm of television is intact. 

People cannot imagine their homes without a television. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how many gadgets you possess, you have to have a good television set in your home. In fact, of late, people prefer having two television sets – one for the living room, and another for the bedroom. 

When everything has become so advanced, how can a television set remain unchanged? Hence, TVs have also become smarter, and they are in fact known as smart TVs. 

Latest Models of Sony Bravia

It was yesterday when I was checking my updates on Connected, a relatively new and exciting channel in Indian social media. Suddenly, a new Sony ad popped up on my mobile screen. Sony was obviously promoting their Bravia series of TVs. I have always been a huge fan of the Sony brand. So, that particular ad caught my attention, and I became curious to know more about this Bravia series of TVs from Sony. 

The well-known electronic brand Sony recently launched two new TVs of Bravia series.  They are the latest versions of TVs that give you the experience of watching movies in a theatre while you will be still sitting comfortably at home. Can you ask for more in the times of pandemic when going out for entertainment is a dangerous preposition? 

Sony is not only one of the largest electronics companies in the world but also the most iconic and reputed. Sony is a Japan based company that manufactures a variety of electronic products such as music systems, speakers, televisions, headphones, etc. Every electronic item that comes under the Sony brand is of international quality. They are hugely popular, and people in almost every country are just crazy about the Sony brand.  

Although all products sold under the Sony brand are exceptionally good, when it comes to TV, they are altogether in a different class. Sony is the biggest trendsetter of TV, and once they come up with a new feature, others just follow. They know that if they don’t include that particular feature in their model, it will affect their sales. And in the times of cut throat competition who will take that kind of risk.  

Whenever we mention Sony, the one model of TV that everybody thinks is that of Bravia. Bravia is possibly Sony’s best and most successful TV model till this date. But for nothing, Sony Bravia is considered the best TV in the world. 

Because of its supreme quality and extraordinary design, it’s often called a luxury product. Sony recently launched two new models of Bravia series under the brand name Sony Bravia XR 77A8OJ and Sony Bravia KD 85X85J.

Get the Feel of Theater While Sitting at Home

The picture quality and the sound system of these two models of Sony TVs is so good that you will feel like watching movies sitting in the theater. A lot of thought and research has gone into designing these models. The company was aware that visiting theatres for entertainment is one of the most popular pastimes of people. 

But since going to theatres wasn’t possible because of pandemic related restrictions, companies thought why not bring theatre to people’s homes. And they did just that. One cannot imagine the pleasure of watching the latest films, reality shows, or comedy shows on Sony Bravia TV unless he has actually experienced it. 

Special features of the Sony Bravia TV

Both these models of Bravia series use HDMI 2.1 technology, and have 4K 120 picture quality. It’s because of IMAX features in both these models that one gets the feeling of theater while sitting at home.

They are also equipped with facilities such as variable refresh rate. Moreover, both these models have auto low latency mode. Besides, they also boast of ultra-smooth gaming facilities.

These TVs are fitted with a 3D surround system of Dolby sound quality. This particular feature only adds to your overall experience. Both these models also feature Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

How Much Do They Cost?

The Sony Bravia XR 77A8OJ with seventy seven inches screen is priced at rupees five lakh and fifty thousand and will be available at authorized Sony retail stores by the next week, while the Sony Bravia KD 85X85J with eighty five inches screen will cost rupees five lakhs and is currently sold by the authorised Sony dealer. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and bring that theatre to your living room. 

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