Why Is Google Maps So Slow – Fix Google Maps Lag

Google Maps has become daily part of some people in their life. Technology is too fast in this era that we depend on Google maps even going to nearest shop and check which one has the best reviews. But today people are complaining about it Why Is Google Maps So Slow.

We can even switch into three types of map such as default, satellite or terrain mode . We can use it to check Public transport points , traffic, cycling paths and 3D version of it.

However performance issues are really increasing. Google Maps update is creating new features but on some old devices performance is getting slow . In this article you will read Why Is Google Maps So Slow, How you can Make Google Maps load faster ?

Why Is Google Maps So Slow

Reasons why your Google Maps are so slow :

  • Old Version Of Android like Lollipop, Marshmallow, etc.
  • Old Version Of iOS below iOs 11.
  • Old PC Or Laptop Versions.
  • App is not updated in Play Store or App Store.
  • You are using low data mode.
  • Your storage is almost full .
  • There are many background apps running every time.

If these reasons occur on your phone, then you would have less chance of making your Google Maps load faster. But we will sharing best method to optimize and make your Google Maps load faster.

How you can Make Google Maps load faster ?

This method will make your Google Maps load faster and optimize it. I hope this method will work on your device.

  • Make Google Maps Load Faster On Your Pc Or Laptop
  1. Restart your PC or Laptop and Google Chrome : This option will make your Google Maps load quickly when you will be rebooting Pc or Laptop & your browser.
  2. Keep your browser & computer updated : Make sure that your chrome browser & Pc or Laptop is updated so that it meet Google Maps requirements.
  3. Install latest version of DirectX in your PC or Laptop : It will help maps load more faster.
  • Make Google Maps Load Faster On Your Android Or iOS
  1. Make sure your app is updated on Play store or App store.
  2. Clear Google Maps Data like cookies & cache stored on your device.
  3. Make sure you have the updated software versions on your devices .
  4. Close all background running apps.
  5. Turn off Low Data Mode.

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